Transferring the main tool cupboard.

There’s a plethora of tedious tasks when figuring out “where” to place the main tool cupboard. Initially when players start a base they place several different cupboards around; in attempt to secure their buildings as fast as possible. Normally it can be annoying or slightly time consuming to eventually remove all the cupboards, then start over from where you originally wanted your main cupboard placed when your base was finished. It can also leave your base in a temporarily vulnerable state. Obviously there are issues to simply allowing players to transfer a main tool cupboard, it can diverge the “raiding process”, and players will likely target an outer tool cupboard which will ultimately make raiding unbalanced. Hence why it would be possible to implement a code similar to the code-lock gui, that would force a player to enter in a code of their choosing to transfer access.

Thanks for reading.

With the new changes to TC radius, would this still be necessary?

It’s not necessary at all, it would just make things slightly easier. The new update doesn’t have an effect this suggestion, the main tool cupboard system hasn’t changed as of yet. The method of the way tool cupboards claim your structures have been changed.