Hi guys,

I’m thinking of an simple Transformer for the beginning, if it’s going to be good I’m going to think of more! (maybe)

This one is going to be a Car transforming into some walking Robot.

So, here is the concept:

And I need YOUR help! Please join me :smiley:

If anyone got suggestions how to built it (in garrysmod of course!) or wants to join me, feel free to do so!

I think that’s pretty much it, I’ll update this as soon as there is any progress.

I’m gonna put some pictures of my first try later :smiley:

UPDATE: The first try, looks good :open_mouth:

my friend already made something like that is name is TOAST o_O try asking him

C’mon guys we can make it, just post and I’ll give you the information needed to join me!!!

Is it me, or is this the wrong section?

try the contraption forum

Check out my Transformer thread, I hope it is of some use to you.


It’s been done before bro. Sorry.

what has been built could be built better :slight_smile:

I hate to say it Limeflavor but this has already been done, I see that your a new member and you have just used your fuck up pass- now you can’t fuck up, or else we’ll track you down and stick our keyboards up your ass. That’s right, keyboads, so think before you post.

Way to be a douchebag Bigboy, I’d like to see this turn into a model after the base is done hope you can make it work well :slight_smile: Good Luck!


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Dupe of something like this used to be on the every fucking server a while ago…

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Didn’t the picture suffice?


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