Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon - Ragdoll Pack개힘들어

*Optimus prime
Sideswipe *


Include fingerposing
**high moon studio for the original source



They look awesome, might be handy for posing, downloading. :smiley:

They kind of look a little low quality in the first screenshot. Also to much metal phong if you ask me.

Yeah, turn down the phong and they’ll be perfect, the models themselves are already solid.

Hell yessss…now I just need one for Arcee…the single-bodied version, not the movie triplets, and I can finally do some comics for my story…can we has the girlbot?

a shock wave is a sound wave…

it looks like they are made of plastic instead of metal

Looks sweet! But where’s Bumblebee?

Could you port Prime with his Jetpack?

Can we get the elder prime too?

Jesus you guys slow down. This was great work.

dude, bumblebee already ported

i love you right now!

this is COOL! :rock:

Very nice but his name is RATCHET not Hatchest :stuck_out_tongue:

this is fucking awesome


jesus christ on a bicycle

please have my babies

what about their vehicle forms?
Nah, I’d just like to see an edit of current prime to make G1 prime.

Ooops, Thanks its my mistake

It wont work for me. It says error cant download… can you please help?

This Is Awesome :dance: