Transformers Autobot/Decepticon soldiers and weapons

I know I may have said this in other Transformers-related threads but damn it, I want to talk about this! I know the popularity of the TF characters is great on its own, but with very few other Tf addons for Gmod13 they’re pretty much alone in this vast Gmod communty. We already have the Autobots like Optimus and Decepticons like Megatron in Gmod, but they’re missing a few things that will make them fit right in the bunches of Sonic/Pony gmod that justs FLOODS and drowns all other groups and characters (Sorry, did not mean to offend anyone if I did) Here is a list and pictures that would help expand the Transformers Gmod “world”:

  1. Soldier/minions for both sides from the Dotm and Fall of Cybertron game

(Decepticon soldiers DOTM)

(Two Autobot Soldiers Attacking Megatron DOTM)

(the Heavy Soldier, one of many types of decepticon grunts from the War for Cybertron and FOC games)

  1. Each main Autobots’ and Decepticons’ individual vehicle modes from their games (just models, don’t have to make them transform)

  2. Bruticus from FOC

  1. Each Transformers respective weapons/swords

(Shockwave’s gun hand in the center of pic from DOTM game, it’s in there, why wasn’t it in the orignal ragdoll?)

(Prime’s Iron Blaster from DOTM, Primes’ twin Energon swords and jetpack should be in there)

(Megatron’s Fusion cannon hand from dotm game)

(Megatron’s Dotm body from the game and his shotgun, should be in their along with his vehicle form)

(optimus’ G1 body from FoC)

  1. Megatron’s body in the 1st TF movie before he became a tank

  2. Primes’ Twin Pistols from the movie games

  1. Basically all Decepticon characters in FoC and DOTM games BESIDES the ones already realesed

Thats all I think. Sorry for this BIG post, but these guys NEED to be popular again.

Bump. Exactly how DID that Facepunch member (chl0407 if I remember) port those TF3 models when there WASN’T a PC port of the game?

i believe he used xbox files which i guess is no different to port from than pc files. i’m going to spend today trying to find those DOTM files if they are still on the internet because i need some stuff from that too. i want to port Prime’s vehicle mode, starscream’s f-22 raptor model, and shockwave’s arm gun are the main ones i need to finish my movie in SFM. Some of the swords and other gun props would be great as well.

So far I ported 2 random swords and Megatron’s arm cannon that is attached to his arm from WFC but i don’t have the textures right on any of them (still learning). Once i learn how to properly texture these things i will release them. Also currently working on Prime’s G1 truck vehicle model from FoC.

Sounds like alot of work, let me know of your progress on any of the transformers-related threads.

From what I learned, Shockwave’s gun arm is actually just inside his regular arm, but the only way that I’ve been able to get it is in Gmod with the Inflator tool. So it’s there, but I don’t know how to get it to show in SFM.

Really? I’ll try that out.

Edit: Tried it, didn’t seem to work. Was it his right arm that doesn’t have his blade attached? Did you inflate the arm or deflate the arm? Or are you just pulling my leg?

His right arm has it. It took me a while to get it to work. Also Megatron’s Fusion Cannon should be in his arm if I remember correctly. I’m pretty sure they’re like in the same space but you have to do it just right. It might work it might not. This post probably didn’t help, but if it did… Yeah.

I shrank shockwave’s arm, did not find it. unless it’s hidden somewhere. Did you inflate it or deflate it to get it to show?

I deflated then inflated. It should be around the elbow.

Tried many times, I must be pretty blind. Can you show me a pic of shockwave and megatron with their cannon arms and a small tutorial if possible? I saw something that looked like a piece of their cannons, but it didn’t look right.

yeah screenshot or a video of you doing this please. i actually wondered about this because shockwave’s forearm is pretty beefy it looked a little like it could be manipulated to form something. and i can move pieces of his sword arm to expose the blade part so i wondered about the other arm.

also i noticed in SFM if you right click on these models animation sets they have different “body types” available but they don’t seem to do anything when i select them. anyone know what that’s about?

neat find, might try that someday once we know how to get at those parts.

is anyone working on tf models? I haven’t heard back yet.

Yeah i am working on DOTM stuff… i found where chl0407 and lilwasa got the files from for their ragdoll ports. it’s a shame they did not give the original guy any credit for his work. i will be sure to.

lot’s of stuff though!! i have already ported a bunch to source engine. all static props so far. Optimus truck and trailer, optimus’ sword, optimus’ jetpack, starscream’s jet, and some other weapons. The goal for today is to learn to rig/ragdoll and i will be ragdolling laserbeak and the 2nd version of megatron (the one with chains around him and shotgun on his back, it’s a really badass model it is similar but much better than the current megatron ragdoll).

Man thats cool! To be frank, can you give a list of what you have right now(don’t need pics, just a list)?

a list of what i have already ported or what i have that can be ported? I have pretty much only ported what i have already mentioned but in terms of what’s available, i believe this is every single model from the game, lol. it is something like 90 models in total. Bunch of the no-name “soldier” guys that you are asking for. Tons of different guns. i don’t see any vehicle modes for the “soilders” though, just their robot forms.

Sweet! Can’t we to see how all this turns out! Have you gotten Megatron’s truck mode as well? Just curious.

Yeah his truck is here. looks like all of the main characters have their accompanying vehicle(except shockwave but i think that is because DOTM shockwave doesn’t ever transform into anything? i don’t know)

Well, he never transformed in the movie. He was always with the Driller beast. In fact he would merge with the Driller. The only form he had was a Cybertronian tank, but that was just the toy.

are you doing war and fall of cybertron as well?