Transformers DOTM Vehicle and Weapon props

EDIT: these are now a Work-In-Progress

Holy Crap, is this the vehicles and weapons pack? just the vehicles and weapons? Man, for someone who hasn’t tried this before sure does know how to import some items.

Yeah this is my first attempt at this stuff. i hope they don’t suck too badly. i don’t know how to add phong or anything yet so they are not shiny, sorry.

right now i’m figuring out how to put it into gmod the old way. I’ll report back to see if it works.

Edit: Just got back from using them on gmod and all I have to say is GREAT JOB! These models are great! However, I will give it a few critiques:

  1. I have the missing purple/black textures for Prime’s jetpack. Might be the fact that I only have TF2 and no other game to verify textures :frowning:

  2. Shockwave’s gun is very plain and maybe a tad small. What I mean is that there is hardly any detail on it. Megatron’s arm cannon does, so was there a problem with Shockwave’s gun?

  3. You have Prime’s guns from when he goes jetmode like in the game and films. But you forgot about his primary ion cannon:

  1. When can we see Megatron’s shotgun fusion cannon that you can see on his back. Also the Fusion cannon arm is a tad bit small. Haven’t compared it to Megaton ragdoll, but I will later today.

Other than that, great job! hope to see the TF ragdolls sometime soon.


where the normal maps ?

where are the shaders, normal maps, and most important of all, smoothing groups?

it’s a nice start but there’s lots of room for improvement

oh whoops, yeah, i just checked the folder and somehow the VTF was not created, only the material file. Not sure how that happened…

Should be able to download it and just slip it in the jetpack materials folder along with the VMT and it should work. let me know. And i also updated the original pack link with the new file.

-Prime’s other guns were not there unfortunately.
-Megatron’s gun is only supposed to replace his hand i believe, not the whole arm, that’s why it’s small.
-i agree shockwaves gun looks incomplete, not sure why but that’s all that was there for textures. honestly i don’t know if that is even his gun arm or something else… it looks like it has a handle on it or something. For my SFM project i am just using Ironhide’s gun for shockwave since i’m not using ironhide.

As for normal maps and smoothing groups, that is over my head. what are normal maps? is that the bump map or something?

Aside from the lack of bump maps and smoothing Megatron doesn’t have transparency on his chains. Also the extra set of wheels on the outside of each car looks kinda stupid is it possible to remove those? These are good for a first try though dude.

yeah especially on bumblebee it looks really bad. maddog said in another thread it’s something called “Stealth Force mode” the vehicles go into. i tried to remove them but barely made an effort, my knowledge of max is too limited atm. part of the problem is i did not rip the models from the game myself as it’s an xbox game. the guy that ripped them kindly provides them in .obj format if someone else wants to give these a try that would be great:

btw i deleted this pack from garrysmod site since it’s apparent there are too many problems with these. i don’t want to be responsible for ppl using shitty models. you know i came to this site originally looking to hire someone to do this stuff but ended up having to learn myself. this has been good practice though i want to port from Transformers Fall of Cybertron next and will be ripping everything myself. And i’ll look into smoothing and be sure to include bump maps in the materials.

I tried putting the download into SFM, but I seem to have trouble where to exactly put it as they don’t show up. It’s listed, but you can’t see it. I also put the download for prime’s jet pack in the right spot, now it works.

Try dropping all the materials folders in your materials folder of your TF game under SFM Game folder(Steamapps/common/SFM/Game/TF/Materials), and all models folders in the TF Models one respectively. Then when you load the models they’re under the TF category. TF meaning the Team Fortress game folder by the way. The folder is simply labeled “TF”.

–I am working on adding the bump maps now as well as smoothing to these. I tried to change the icon for this thread to WIP but i don’t think it worked. Is it possibility a mod could do that or impossibility?

Me and my big fat mouth. When I downloaded the jetpack file that was missing and placed it in the materials folder of the jetpack it didn’t work.

Edit: Nvm, got it to work. I compared it to the DOTM Optimus ragdoll and I just found out that it’s too small. The jetpack is too small for Optimus. And I could not use an inflator tool to make it bigger. That is the only gripe I have with this pack right now.

i made the jetpack small on purpose i thought it looked too goofy on him big. i can resize it though.

It looked kind of silly small, sooooo the picture above should give you an idea of how big they should be.

Edit: I swear I thought Megatron had some sort of “trailer” to go with his truck form.

bump. It’s been awhile since we did this thread. Does anyone know the progress of these transformers models?

Edit: It’s the New Year, there probably celebrating. Don’t want to sound bossy or anything.

I just remember that you could just use the inflator tool to make it bigger! I should added this comment sooner, can’t believe I forgot about it! :frowning:

…Megatron’s a tank, not a truck…

He was clearly a truck in the 3rd movie.

Then someone messed up. Megatron is supposed to be some alien-looking tank. Optimus is the truck. Megatron has always been some kind of beefed-up armored military vehicle; it goes with his character type.

In answer to his question, though, perhaps the trailer in question isn’t in the game these models came from.