transformers fall of cybertron

anyone know where to find the models of grimlock and the other transformers from fall of cybertron? rigged possibly?

I second this.

I’ve looked around in the files of the game, and its barely organized. To be frank, its a clusterfuck and the file ends for each file is .xxx . I assume the files are upk.s or something close to that and need to be renamed. If anyone is interested in the files for rigging or such, I can give you select files.

cool thanks for the info are you refering to the transformers game? and which files?

I’d only really want soundwave and shockwave. Do you have those?

I have the whole game. Won’t be any point in me getting the files out if no one converts it from an xxx to whatever it is. Once we know what kind of file it is, someone can rig it and such.

Would it be considered piracy if you popped me those .xxx files so I could have a go at it?

try this

post the files up and ill try to convert them no promises though

I used UModel to de-package the .xxx files. They only yielded textures, and I think that the models are protected somehow and cannot be unpackaged. I’ll continue looking.

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Umodel is like the only thing that can export .xxx files. Unfortunately, FOC mesh de-cooking has been disabled. Time to write an angry e-mail to high moon studios.

please do and thanks :slight_smile:

The UModel has been updated yesterday, so you might try it on Fall of Cybertron meshes

Apparently I can. Will try. If it works im going to poop.

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Not working at the moment. Umodel lied to us.

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scratch that!

awesome thanks can you get everyone?

has anyone gotten anywhere with this? or did this die?


awesome thanks

any status updates for the port of the models?

the soundwave model is missing the decepticon symbol and part of the actual model is missing as well but otherwise its cool as could be lol

can we get grimlocks t rex mode?