Transformers For Garry's Mod Steam Group--Looking for modelers/ porters who have time

Aside from the Megatron Gmod/SFM thread that I have, I am making a thread here for those interested in my new group, “Transformers for Garry’s Mod”.
As the name suggests, the group is dedicated with members to make Gmod screenshots and SFM posters/videos dedicated to this popular franchise. Another goal that we have is that we want to work on porting as much Transformers models that we can get into Gmod/SFM. We are looking for new members to share our favorite characters in a new way that really hasn’t been done before as well as looking for porters/models who have time to help out and work with us as a member. I’m not forcing you to join this group. This post is merely an idea I had to get my group noticed by others so more would join. If you don’t have time to work on this group along with your other projects, that’s fine, you don’t have to do that just yet, no one’s forcing you. You could also submit Gmod screenshots and/or SFM works into the group related to Transformers for everyone to see. Just wanted to put this out here in case anyone here was interested.

Plus I really have no idea where to put this kind of thread :v:

There is transformers models in garry’s mod.

Just go and find them, they exist.

Oh you mean the ones we already have like the TF3 movie pack, and the only WfC models are Optimus and Brawl? With no vehicle forms, proper weapons, and troops to go along with them? With NO PROPER MEGATRON, Shockwave, and Starscream? This group was made to does who want more out of Transformers for Gmod. We know they’re there, we just want to work together make more for Garry’s Mod.

Quite frankly they’re not very good options. Anyone interested in doing Transformers project has extremely limited choices compared to say… Mass Effect… where 30 different model versions exist for every character. Not to mention, the only models available are based on Michael Bay’s transformers which surely most can agree is a blasphemy. Don’t get me wrong, the people here from facepunch that did the port jobs did very good jobs, with finger posing and face bones and everything, but it’s just “bayformers” are not as iconic looking.

I will likely join the group. Will be nice to try and collaborate with others. Been working on texturing Prime’s G1 truck model from Fall of Cybertron. It’s a start.

Bayformers =/= Transformers.

you can always do what I did, rip from the game and rally people to your cause, but I know it can be a lot of work and I mean it taking the scene, scrubbing it of all the bits and pieces you don’t need and then setting up each model in a separate file

but to be honest at least you’d be doing something for your goal and attracting people of similar interest at the same time by posting progress and raw model downloads

Well I have been doing that. As a matter of fact, all of my findings on everything for Transformers, from fixing the texture issues to how to port models, are in my group in proper links just in case anyone wants to have a go.

even using 3dripper which is supposedly an outdated method would work

and what I’m saying is YOU do the grunt work of taking the raw models out and providing them to the public which in turn generates interest in YOUR project and attracts more help, what you want is someone do do everything, if you lay the groundwork for others even unrigged models you still have something to show and you probably have an advantage over my Project V in that there is probably already ways to extract everything crisp and clean

go take a gander at my little gundam project, even though I’ve only ripped raw models it still attracted attention and people interested in helping, even if the only thing you can do is along the lines of what I do its still something that helps your cause and still has something tangible to show for progress even if its bare minimum

I see what you mean. Right now my laptop is going through some rough times due to some stupid malware :suicide: . Hopefully when I get things fixed I’ll finally look through those tutorials that I have saved for so long. :dance: