Transformers Interior Maps of the Ark and The Nemesis

I’m working on a SFM sci-fi project featuring the Transformers from the “Cybertron” games, and I’m wondering if someone could do a couple of maps based on the inside(and a bit of the outside for the ship’s guns) of the Ark and the Nemesis. For the most part I plan to use these maps as a way to show of each factions base of operations and possibly some boarding scenes like in The first G1 Transformers episode mixed with the intro of A New Hope.

If anyone needs help with the maps, I have the folders that contain most if not all of the environmental props and models found inside each ship. It’s a big folder and I haven’t pinned where all of the Ark and Nemesis map props are, so It’ll take some time to find them. Will update the OP when I have them uploaded or on another post.[/t]

Can’t find anything for the hallways and hanger for the Nemesis; So imagine the Ark, except the opposite with a lot of purple and sharp edges.

Bump, This should contain the props needed to make a Transformers map.