Transformers PS2 Megatron

Hey guys could someone port/rip the Megatron model from this Transformers game:

It’s the game released in 04 that was based on the Armada tv show. I’m looking to do Megatron and hopefully Galvatron as well.

I like the tank design, but unfortunently, i dont think this can actualy be done.

Atleast not for awhile.

How come? Is there a lack of tools for ripping from PS2 games? I assumed because it was an older game it would be easier as aopposed to something much more recent like Black Ops.

Actualy, that the opposite, i think, because black ops is on PC.

Infact, older games i think are sometimes harder to modify/get shit from.

Im sure they can use the one brawl from war from cybertron, and maybe work from there, do to some similarities.

It depends, I heard Black Ops is hard to port from since it lacks mod tools.

Exactly what I thouht…which is why i figured its possible because there have been PS2 model ports on this site before.