Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Game DLC

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PC Way nat dlc opening str skins and way no Informations the Emulators complete no problems ok big Help my download torrent xbox360 TF 2 DLC ?.

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I am sorry, but what in the world are trying to say? This is nothing, but gibberish.

I think, what he’s trying to say is, is there a way to get the content from the Revenge of the Fallen DLC from the BIOS of the PS3/XBOX 360 version.

If that’s what he’s asking, then he’s already been told before that the emulators won’t work for that. PS3 and XBox360 emulators are (at least at this time) still only capable of playing homebrew titles, and he’s been trying to rip models from non-homebrew titles via the emulators. This has been explained to him at least twice before. As for ripping from the BIOS itself, I don’t think that would actually work. He’d honestly be better off flashing the actual game console and working with RAM dumps to access the model and texture data.