transformers war for cybertron model rip

can someone rip the transformers war for cybertron models for me? and if the transformers were ragdoll that would be great…

well, currently theres a megatron and optimus

you can use those until the actualy models are ported, or ripped

Someone rang?


haha good old DT always seeming to have the models people want before they even know they do XD

DTmech you silly bitch



of making awesome ports

Nice, when would these be available for download?


But in real , whenever i am done with it, or if i’m done with it.


This thread is officially Awesomeness.
Once you release these (if ever), it’s mandatory that I make use of them. Trust me.


i have official bookmarked this thread to pace for the player model release :slight_smile:

bump for great justice

I would’nt hold ya breath guys DT rarely releases stuff to the public its mostly friends only or never at all

Hurray. Another person for the long list of people who get off on posting models they never intend to actually release.

That sucks.

Party hard!

What a shame. And to think something awesome was gonna happen on Facepunch for once…

He released a huge pack a while back, that wasn’t enough for you? oh right, i guess not.

Not like you’ve top off what DT released to the community :v: