Well, my mind got on this when i saw the newest of the movies. Which was quite good. I also seen that there has been some projects with them, but they all died.

I hope somone will do us posing people a favor and try to make models from the game/movie. Or even make them your self.


Optimus Prime

IF any of this was possible it would seriously be epic shit. Would like to make some epic poses with these models.

P.S I know that topics like these have been brought up, but its worth a try to get some models.

I suggested this not long ago, don’t hold your breath though…

Would be awesome , change the post title to get more attention call it “TF: Revenge of the fallen models Ripping”
We could try ripping form the 360 and pc versions as they are the better graphicly


I cant model ond this old dinasour and less run the game here , when i get my new pc ill give this a shot

I have Optimus Prime and Bumblebee :smiley:



Those have been up on Gmod workshop for awhile. It’s not really surprising. What we need is new ones from the WFC/FOC games. Right now I’m working on Megatron from the Dark of the Moon game and I can’t seem to get to properly work. I’m new at this import thing, but we need more people.

I got all the TF3 the game models :stuck_out_tongue:
I can share

ALL of them? As in all the game models or just the ones released?