Meh, I was bored.

what model is that.

Holy awesome but that smoke is freaking horrivle. It’s transparent D:

everything but the smoke is p00ns0me.

Nice edit and Decepticon model.

Holy freaking shit. I’m pretty sure that’s made from scratch from parts, not a model.

The transformer looks awesome, although the scenes a little bland.

The smoke doesn’t look all that good either tbh.

Holy dang, how long did it take to build that robot?

Now that’s a mech.

Holy fuck, I pissed my pants.

It’s not.

Dupe that thing man, DUUUUUPPPPPEEEE IT!!! that thing is fuckin cool as hell

Optimus would still kick his ass.

does it transform and shoot stuff or is it like, just a mech made for looks

Usually smoke is.

Hahaha oh wow. Can you post the original?.. no offence but I’m sure this picture could be incredible if someone else edited it.

Offence taken. But anyway, here comes.

The contraptions forum never made such an epic transformers, and you just made one in the screenshots forum.

All I can say is Wow

still very awesome, so about the dupe, can you please dupe this, i wanted to make unicron and i need some pointers from this one. PLEASE???!!!

Some people are just too stupid