Transition Table Overflow Error

When I’m playing gmod, there are these instances where there’s a small lag spike and everything gets royally f***ed up. It seems to be textures that suffer most, because every model and structure in the map becomes transparent randomly. Whenever I shoot the ground or another object, the bullet impacts come out as these box-like shapes O_o. Oh, and when I open up the console, it says:
“Transition table overflow. Grab Brian.”


Yeah, brian the coder is ubercool.

No, seriously, the error is unrelated, your graphics card sounds like it’s overheating.

Not graphic card related problem. I have same problem, just couple days ago bought ATI hd5770 and windows 7 x64 can play crysis full settings, still same problem.

I get this error aswell. I checked temps and it’s chilling at 38c. So I know it’s not that, plus Gmod is the only game that has given me this kind of error.

Yea, I can’t really play this more than 15 minutes or so without having to restart the map… If I wait too long the whole game will freeze… I’ll just wait until the next update :slight_smile: