Transitional Movement (Tool.) .

Version one, and my first tool so expect it to act a little like you don’t want it to. (But I feel that I did a good job.) .

The Transition tool saves the location and angle of an entity, then you move it elsewhere. When you reload, the entity will move back to where it was (transitionally) via the closest way possible. [This does NOT teleport your entity, it moves it.] . I feel this is a good tool for machinima.

This does NOT work on ragdolls. (Yet.) .

I plan on:

Making it work on ragdolls.
Work on multiple entities at a time.
Further improve it’s movement system.
Support way-points.
More options.
Online support. (Currently it does NOT work online, and vars need to be local’d. The names are unique enough that they should not cause any problems though.)


Entoros, for the name of the function this relies mostly on.
GBPS, for a method of making a buffer zone around a vector check.
Dr. Näbbfjun, for telling me how to make a variable read from the slider bar.
Foohy, encouragement.


In the first one, I point out that it wasn’t getting angles quite right, was already fixed by now.

In the second one, it works but slows down badly as it reaches the target, been fixed.


This third one is release 1.0 .



Cool, but I think I’ll wait for a release that supports ragdolls. It looks cool from what I’ve seen in the what are you working on thread, though.

Updated with videos.

neat, sound like it could be fun to play with

This actually looks really cool…

Unless you add the ability to transition between two points, I can’t really see a use for it.

Isn’t that exactly what this does.

What do you think this stool does?

This will be extremely useful for making slow-motion explosion scenes.

Awesome stuff. Probably very helpful for Machinimas.
I have a few suggestions for V2 though: (They are very ambitious, so take what you like and dump the rest)

Notice smoothing which pretty much does what it says, where you can modify the smoothness at the end to your liking, and a time delay. There’s also a “Toggle rotation” - it should speak for itself, and so should “Toggle reversed” - then there’s freehand. Ovrev made a tool like that. It records every movement and plays it back. An awesome addition to this and the normal transition tool would be the ability to save and load scenes, and to copy and paste scenes to other objects. The ability to smooth out freehand recording would be great too.

Here you can see keyframes. Right clicking to create a keyframe within the Transition would be really handy. Replay and the designated object moves with the keyframes. You can edit options for each keyframe making them unique by right clicking on them. This would be great for car chases and similar.

That’s 'bout it. Cheers. :v:

EDIT: Not really necessary, but it would be cool: The color would also change gradually if you changed it on a keyframe.

you gotta work on it. They don’t go exactly straight.

I like this but dono if I would ever need to use it hmmmmmmmmm.

I think the stool gets the position of an entity, and reverts it to that position when the user wants it to.
What I think it SHOULD do is be able to set TWO positions, and then move between those at will.

I said I was planning on way-points and such. 3/4 of what I want to add relies on tables, and I was going to add them before the release. Just tables wanted to be a dick yesterday.

S’Mo Suite uses physical objects and saves physical object positions so it automatically supports ragdolls.

Just a tip for your tool :smiley:

Too bad it doesn’t work. ^

I meant to include in the OP that boingboing made one that he didn’t release a working of, oh well :l.

Two Suggestions - (probably part of your table/waypoint challenge)
Add two ‘repeat’ loop options.
One makes it go from first set point to end point, then ‘teleport’ back to start and again move to two.
1 to 2, 1 to 2, 1 to 2
Second makes it go ‘back and forth’ between the two points
1 to 2 to 1 to 2
Right click/fire could stop the loop?

maybe some adv dup support and also make it so you can wire it

This looks pretty neat. I didn’t exactly know what it was when I saw a picture. It looks pretty useful.

Crap! My ship fell and now I have to start all over!” Whoever
“No you don’t! Not with TRANSITION TOOL!” No-name
Who are you?” Whoever
“That’s not important. What’s important is this amazing tool that allows you to transport props back to their original spot!” No-name
Wow! That’s pretty cool! Can I try?” Whoever
“Of course you can! But not only can you try this, but you can have it for yourself permanently from!” No-name
Thanks Mister!” Whoever