"Translate it you Kraut!" Events after an ambush.


Didn’t come out aswell as it looked in game, but i think i did nicely with the blood.

This pose makes me angry.

The posing is odd on the German in front, the angle ruined it because there’s no faceposing on those models, someone smudged some blood onto the picture over on the dead German, and there’s a guy standing face against a wall.

Well then…Don’t know what to say about the german infront, i thought he looked fine, if anything, i thought you would criticize the American, I thought the blood on he German was fine, and lastly, the guy against the wall is knocking on it.

Guess my picture busted again. Seem’s like i can only make TF2 poses :confused:

meh… posing seems unnatural

Posing is kinda bad, but keep practicing

Why does it seem the American have German weapons? Front American has a Walther P-38 German Pistol, and the American in the back has a MP-44 (STG-44)

blood in the background is bad. such as red smoke in the air

What he said. Just keep on trying. Practice makes perfect.