Translate the Lua tutorial

Hi, i was reading the lua tutorial on the wiki and i noticed that there are a lot of french guys that want to learn lua but never find a Full tutorial, so how can i translate it ? without editing the whole thing ?

Ehh… ask the “French guys” to use google translator or something :haw:

Everyone knows that the Translator sucks, totally

It really doesn’t…
It might not be exact, but you could just edit the bits and pieces that don’t make any sense.

I already tried the translator on the tutorial and it was… senseless.

Edit: AND it translates the code…

well i’ve never translated to French but there are lots of other translators too. well heres a big stack of translators for firefox =>

and if they translate the code they would have the non translated page open too and use it for reading the code and translated for everything else.

you could try fox lingo since it has multiple different translators.

and actually google translator works the best for English => Finnish(im finnish) but i cant test it for France since i don’t know how it should look like…

this may be good ateast its not free(but has trial) =>

I tried it and heres the result(dunno how good it is)

Maintenant je vais vous apprendre comment utiliser boucles. Boucles sont des déclarations dans les scripts que je vous répète un bloc de code plusieurs fois. Chaque fois qu’un bloc de code dans une boucle tourne, il s’appelle boucle. Il y a deux types de boucles : la boucle, et la boucle while. La boucle est la plus facile à expliquer, et la plupart des gens utiliser alors je vais commencer avec elle.
Je vais vous montrer comment utiliser la boucle. Une boucle for est un type de boucle qui boucles un nombre précis de fois. Les gens préfèrent utiliser la boucle, il est beaucoup plus rapide pour écrire et il y a moins d’une chance que les choses vont aller mal.

its from this

Now that i learn you how to loop. Loops are declarations in scripts that i repeat to you many times.Every time that a code block loop turns (wtf?).There are 2 types of loops , the loop and the loop while.The loop is easier to explain and the most of the people used so i begin with that one.
I’m gonna show you how to use a loop.The loop is a kind of loop that loops a precise number of times.People use loops, it’s faster to write and less chance that things goes wrong.

How ever for a french that’s not easy to read…

Yeah… but atleast you can understand that loops do the code block as many times as you want/need.

I thought France taught people English to a very good degree. Since I know a few French coders with great English.

Yes, a few , but i know guys that don’t know what means “how”…

Well You can tell them what it means :D.