I Think it would be great if the game is translated in diffrent languages.

I know that the game is in pre-alpha so the text would change as the game keep getting developed, but some text will not change and its good to have a head start on a few basic text in the game.

I personally could make french translation, as i am fluent in english and french language.
And there is surely other people who can write other languages to translate.
This will also help the game at it release so that people that cant read/speak english would not get lost in controls/other stuff


Do it yourself, the developers have enough to do right now.

If devs share language files, I can do it for Slovakian language…

Actually I can translate the game in to polish but I don’t think its a good idea to make game easier to understand for polish kids :v:

I think, this game needs more important things than translations. First, devs need to make this game more playable, because all bugs make Rust less funny game.

I can help translate this game to polish, but now really devs need to make this game more playable. Translations aren’t important thing.

U need to read carfully i say i can translate it … IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII not THEM …

That is exactly what he stated, doing it himself :slight_smile:

I could also contribute, in Finnish and Swedish :slight_smile:

I’d say that seeing as the devs mainly speak english, and this is purely a testing phase, bug reports and feature discussion in swedish/finnish/spanish/binary/klingon wouldn’t be as helpful.

Yup, we’ll see in the future :slight_smile:

Then do it.

I think that’s not the most important thing to do. People need to find bugs not to read all the texts in their own language. It’s just not priority at the current state of the game.

cant atm … dont have there language file and stuff …

I could do spanish if needed, i have seen a couple of people trying to make posts in spanish so i think this would come in handy

I lol’d so hard

I can do german translation