So we’re gonna be adding strings here to be translated:

Are there any languages not listed that you think we should be supporting?

“Yarr, ye don’t be permitted t’use that command, ye scurvy dog!”
“Ahoy, this pesky door be refusin’ yer code!”

Pirate’s always a winner.

Im from Norway, and everyone in Norway learns English from the 3rd grade. I wouldnt waste resources/money on translating it to Norwegian, unless your target audience is between 6- 10 year olds :slight_smile:

Translated to Italian. Btw I’m a pro translator, hit me up if you need the whole thing translated anytime soon we can work something up.

English is my 1st language but I think you should translate for all communist countries…I haven’t bothered to go online to check who’s politics are what. But I think RUST does famously well for Red countries…there’s most likely a reason. Maybe 'cuz it’s almost like real life? :slight_smile:

edit: ooh, maybe add laotian

I had the same thought about swedish, but I translated anyway :), but I left some words in english and used some swenglish too, better to use the words we actually use instead of the direct translation.

Sent you a message about Galician and, even though I’m not professional I’ve been translating for the past few years, mostly news and extensive content -not games- and I’d be willing to colaborate with Galician and Spanish.

Translated the Dutch part. As what others have said before, almost everyone knows these english words and translating to Dutch sometimes gives a less known term as the english variant. Considering your audience is probably familiar with games and predomonantly of the younger generations, using a dutch translation of broadly used english terms is likely to create confusion.

P.S. for “whitelist” there is no good one word dutch translation EDIT: came up with one :slight_smile:

Oh well. I translated the files. Was easy enough I guess! :slight_smile:

There are many french players, translating might be a good idea. I voted on the translations, keeping in mind that the shorter the better, as French words are usually longer than English ones.

Not one of these replies are useful. I apologize Garry on behalf of the idiotic Rust community

hahaha can’t believe Afrikaans is on the list :slight_smile:

“Braai daai hoender boudjie”

Voted for some russian translations. Hope it’ll help :slight_smile:

Addes some more appropriate swedish translations, or some that was not even translated. This whole thing seems like a good idea.

Klingon is an important language. Never ignore Klingon.

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for fuck sake

Edited some for the RO words and +1ed the correctly written ones . I guess you can also add Bulgarian .

Just Vietnam,China and N Korea are communist countries (from that list) and the people there can speak English, damn these American movies where communism=Russia+unfriendly people with fur clothes on living in wrecked buildings …

Beat me to it.

You included Serbian (cyrillic) but that won’t work for bosnian,croatian and slovenian people…
(we can’t read that)… Please if you can put Croatian|Bosnian|or normal Serbian on the list too|instead