Transparency Issue - Fix?

I’m writing this thread not for myself, but for a friend.

He’s in the middle of making some custom Republic Commando models to use in Source Filmmaker. Only one problem.

If you look closely at the one on the right, it looks a little transparent.

We’re both convinced that it has something to do with one of the files, and not an error with ambient occlusion. Any help is appreciated!

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More information: It’s nothing to do with the VMT, VTF or QC files either. Most models work, while this is one of a couple that don’t right now.

Further information - It seems to be more of a lighting problem than a transparency one.

Problem solved. Don’t bother replying.

You could explain how you fixed it, so when someone finds this thread in 3 years with the same exact problem, they’ll be able to read how you fixed it so they can fix it themselves.

It was a simple problem with the body texture file. I saved it as a TGA then converted it to VTF through VTFEdit to fix it.