Transparency on models

Hello, I spend days figuring out how to successfully compile a custom prop trough 3ds Max, Guimdl and VTF edit, whatever I do, it ends up as an “effect”
and the textures are purple and black.
I found a fitting model, now I would like to re-texture that, the point is…
…the scaling isnt really how it should be, so I tried editing the material, than remove the edges so they become transparent, in-game it shows up as white, so my question is…

How do I make parts of a material transparent.

Erase the parts you don’t want, save the texture as a TGA/PNG, import to VTFEdit and save, then put $alphatest in the VMT.

I get an error message when I try to save the VMT:
Error passing VMT:

error passing material on line 6 (expected open brace).

This is my VMT:

$basetexture “money/money3”
$model 1

Humm, I don’t see an open brace, but you are missing the 1 you need after $alphatest.

“$basetexture” “money/money3”
“$alphatest” 1
“$model” 1

Got it like this, I can save it now.
ALthough, it’s still showing the white part.
Rawr, is the only other way to Re Uv-Unwrap it?


This is an other model from the pack I took the model from I will be using
this is the standard VMT

$basetexture “money/money1”
$model 1

how do you make the transparency actually? Are you using an alpha layer?

No, in photoshop you just remove parts you want to be transparant.

That should just mean that its altering the alpha layer without telling you its doing so (as the black on the alpha layer is transparent, white is opaque, grey is semi-transparent).

So, what am I doing wrong?
I make the parts I want transparent black O.o?
I tried using VTFlib, but I can’t seem to add the plugin…

Its not VTFEdit, as I use that and its fine.

Upload your image .TGA somewhere so we can see if it’s actually got an alpha channel.

Yea that has no alpha channel.

I’l try to figure out how to make/add one.


Woot, got it to work.
Thanks for all the help ;).