Transparent global banning?

hey guys! How bout we all make like a global ban list or somethin so if sdomeome’s being mingey on a server teh admin can just ban them and they r banned on all gmod servers? Itll be gr8, i know sum php and html and ajax so i could do all the programing, is it good? Id just look at al the bans and decide how long the nub needs to be banned lol! people could just steam friends my saying that someone was cheatin and id go ban them. sounds good right, ima ctually gonna start right now so post your suggestions!

OK, once you’re calmed down again:
Most global banning schemes (steambans, etc) are all closed-up. You can never really tell who’s banning who for why, beyond a 1 line description that’s just about as helpful as a Japanese electronics manual. You join a server and get kicked because, oh noes, you’re banned for ‘hacing,’ and there’s nothing you can do about it (protesting bans? OK, well that’s just as opaque). On the other side, if you see someone cheating,you take a few screens, maybe a demo if you’re really pissed off, and send them off into the black hole of “Submit a Ban” with variable success. It just isn’t the greatest all around.

What I’m suggesting would be the opposite. When a ban is submitted, anyone can watch it (and the evidence) progress through the steps towards arriving on the ban list itself. If you’re banned, you can simply go find your ban with your steamID or something, watch the incriminating evidence, and then go back to your room and cry into your blanky some more. If, however, you think the ban is illegitimate or too strong, submitted it for review (equally transparent) is easy, too.

Who would do the banning: NOT THE SERVER ADMINS gosh that’s the last time I’m gonna say that. Regular everyday users would submit complaints against someone (with evidence like demos/videos/etc), after which a random selected of people from peer review panel of reliable people (previously rounded up) would check each ban before being approved/denied.

I think this should address all the issues people have had with other systems, includingbutnotlimitedto “omg person x power trip,” “omg abusive server admins,” “omg exploitable,” etc.

Questions? No, this has nothing to do with EasyBan /shamelessplug

No, that’s nearly impossible, and it’s not a ValVe game, so it doesn’t work that way. If you want something like that, find a website, or make a thread of people who minge around. Other than that if it’s your server ban him and your done.

That’s not impossible, but it’s just so infeasible that no mod/game developer has considered it; people ban for no reason sometimes.

Gosh read the bold text, and accompanying paragraph.

You’d need a whole load of people to review all the bans.

I’m sure someone has suggested this before.

This would hardly be fair. The only system currently capable of giving global bans is VAC, and that is run by Valve, is part of the Steam Subscriber Agreement you agree to when you buy a Steam game and is not enabled on GMod.

The server admins should have the final word on all bans on their own server. If you don’t like the admins bitching about your “mingey” behaviour, leave their server and join one with more lenient admins.

Actually, one SourceMod developer has used a global “modban” system. W0rF0x (butthurt weaboo) included one in Obsidian Conflict and has banned a few people from playing any server on the mod, or even hosting their own. He has banned one of my friends for “grieving” on his official server, even though there were no other players on at the time, and all they were doing was dicking around in vehicles.

It’s a shit system.

No, get out.

Never post here again OP

I like the sentiment here, very welcoming and it definitely betrays your personality, which I’m sure carries into your plentiful real-world relations. Wait. Oh burn, anyways, it’s just an idea, and would y’all please read the *entire *post before replying.


That’s what I was thinking one time it was suggested. It’d need some SERIOUS honesty and rep though. Who the hell are you going to find for the panel?

People can be a bit harsh when they have a shit day. It’s happened to me a couple of times. Just a fair warning.

I lol’d.

It’d be a much better idea to provide SQL tables and code for people to use. Then they don’t have to do anything, yet it’s only their bans. Maybe give them an option to import bans from the global database and whatnot though.

Congrats OP, you are in possession of an accent and a thesaurus.

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This is too much effort - getting everyone, or ordinary people involved. Not to mention the long and bureaucratic process you described. Not worth it. Just let the admin crush them under the ban hammer… I think even having server admins put a list together is a bad idea. Some servers ban people for reasons that admins of another server wouldn’t agree upon… Admins are different, as are players - and server ban lists should stay independent, because there aren’t rules that everyone can agree upon. Believe it or not, some servers/people like minges.

Besides, if server admins want to ban everyone that steps out of line even a tiny bit, it’s their own fault their server is empty.

It’s called EasyBan :v: