Transparent glow in the dark model?

So i was working on something, and i wanted to make my model be transparent and glow in the dark, but the commands Translucent and Selfilume don’t work together.

Is there any other way to make it transparent and glow in the dark at the same time?

Try setting up a detail layer on uh additive I think. That might allow you to do that.

Detail layer? And what does additive do?

Also thanks, seems adding the command Additive to the vmt made the transparency work. Now it glows and is transparent.

Good to know, i’ve been trying to figure that one out for a while ^^

Does it have to be in a detail layer to work or do you just need $additive 1?

Just adding $additive works fine. I only used these commands and it works

    "$nocull" 1
    "$Translucent" 1
    "$additive" 1
    "$selfillum" "1"