Transparent Options and Random Crashes

Alright, so Garry’s Mod, my favorite game in the whole world hasn’t been working for a while. It all started when I took part in the “new steam” beta. Now ever sense then, on the main menu any window that is opened is transparent and blocked by another window that should be in the background, which as a little bonus, leaves the server browser or any window showing during a loading screen. When changing my video settings the game sometimes crashes when I set them, and if it doesn’t crash there it crashes in game, either when i use my flashlight(only when shadows is set to the highest setting) or just randomly. Oh yeah, sometimes my screen/textures are all bugged, and this is very unplayable, almost the whole screen is torn up.

Things I’ve tried doing so far:

[li]Reinstalling steam(re-downloading games and all)[/li][li]Reinstalling Garry’s Mod(without addons)[/li][li]Video driver updates and roll backs to different versions.[/li][li]I’ve tried different DX levels ( -dxlevel 80).[/li][li]I’ve asked the Garry’s Mod support team, and they just told me to do what i already said I’ve done![/li][/ul]
My Computer Specifications

[li] i7 920 @ 4.2Ghz[/li][li] EVGA GTX 295 Co-Op Oc’d[/li][li] OCZ 6GB(3x2gb sticks) DDR3 1600Mhz RAM[/li][li] WD Velociraptor 300GB; 10k Rpm[/li][li] EVGA X58 Motherboard[/li][li] Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler[/li][li] Antec 1200 Case[/li][li] Samsung 2343 Monitor; 2048x1152, 16:9[/li][li] Razer Lachesis Mouse[/li][li] Razer Tarantula Keyboard[/li][/ul]
I hope that by the end of this thread, we will have fixed my issue.
- Ghost


Edited Added Specifications, Thanks

Did you remove all files from steam before reinstalling? maybe some leftover files causes this.

The steam folder was gone from my computer, if that counts as being “completely gone”. There was no trace of steam left that I knew of. This issue happens on my laptop too, which i also used the beta on. Because of that, I’m not sure that it can be the hardware issue, but a software issue.

Try reinstalling w/o using the beta? Not sure what to tell you.

The beta already went live a month ago.

According to my steam, there’s a beta release client you can still opt in to. Usually there’s some early update of the steam client you can get.

Unless that is just a ghost update…

Hmm, you are correct.

What should i do then? I’m not taking part in any steam betas…

Alright well, few months later I got it. I started my game with the launch command -autoconfig. Once in-game i set my settings and took out the start up command.