Transparent RenderTargets?

Is there a way to create and render a transparent RenderTarget? Every time I try to draw a render target with:

local width = (ScrW() / ScrH()) * 256
surface.SetDrawColor(255, 255, 255, 50)
surface.DrawTexturedRect(ScrW() - width, 0, width, 256)

The rectangle doesn’t render transparent even with opacity set to 50.
Am I missing something?

I seem to have fixed the lack of transparency, though now it is way too transparent and I don’t have any code changing the opacity.

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You can’t have a “transparent” render target, you can only have an additive one. This means it adds the colors to the ones underneath them, making it seem transparent, but making colors more “Transparent” the darker they get. Black would be 100% transparent.