Transparent Sprays have an ugly white outline.

When I use sprays in Garry’s Mod or Counter Strike: Source, the sprays come out with a white outline on every transparent spray I use.

Where the outline is most noticeable: Blurry Images (Shadows, Outer Glows, etc.) Around Black areas.

I’ve seen transparent sprays with shadows that are in great quality. It’s just me.

Here’s what I do: Create the image in Adobe Photoshop CS4, Create a new alpha channel and fill the selected images with white, and save as a TARGA. or whatever that file name is.

Oh come on! This shouldn’t be too difficult to answer! I tried Google and it only came up with tutorials on making them transparent.


It’s the vtf format that causes this. If there is a soft blur on the edges, the mask includes void area in the main image. VTF doesn’t support transparency, so the transparency on the main image becomes white.

The soft blur draws the white of the main image. Fix your alpha channel or use DXT1/3 instead of DXT5.

Eh, I don’t really understand this DXT1/3 or DXT5 stuff. I just follow the tutorials I saw a long time ago.

How do I fix my Alpha channel?

If there’s any soft blur on the edges of the material in your alpha channel ( eg, it fades from black to white ), remove it.

Alternately, when saving, try checking the “One Bit Alpha” flag in the list.

But I’m saving the spray as a TARGA / TGA. I am NOT saving them as a VTF.

Screen Shots:

(I would’ve done them on Gmod, but it was a bit more convenient on CSS)

I think the problem is that your bitmap also has white lines around it. It doesn’t have it on the TGA file, but if you import it into CSS or Gmod, it’ll convert the image to a vtf, and you get that. You should make your Bitmap and Alpha like this:

Oh, alright, but one question: What is the bitmap and how do I get to it? Is it in the Channels category in Photoshop?