Transparent texture conflict

I’m not sure if the best advice would be from here or the mapping section, but the transparent textures on my model are showing through every part of the model. Here’s an image:

At this point it’s hard to even visually read what the model is. Even non-transparent parts of the texture, like the roots, are showing through. The beams of light are the most noticeable. Another problem which I’ve pointed out with the red arrows, is that there are these blue ribbons. They are visible from above, but the other side of the mesh is invisible. How can I have the texture visible on both sides of the mesh?

Here’s my vmt and qc in case it helps:

     "$basetexture" "models/pogplant_lum.vtf"
     "$translucent" 1
     "$model" 1


$modelname pogplant_lum.mdl
$cdmaterials "models"
$scale "10"
$surfaceprop watermelon
$body mybody "pogplant_lum.smd"
$sequence idle "pogplant_lum" fps 1

Try “$alphatest” 1 instead of translucent.