Transparent VTF/VMF Problem

Hey again.
I’m having an issue creating a transparent texture for my map. Seems I’m being plagued with errors, lately.
I’m creating a transparent texture in Photoshop CS5, with the dimensions of 512x512. I export the texture as an interlaced .PNG and open it with VTFEdit. The settings I give it are here, here, here and here. Below “Unused”, “Clamp All” is deselected.
Here’s the link to the VTF and VMF on Mega.
My problem is a lot of artifacts confirming that in Hammer (and in-game) the texture is definitely not transparent. Here’s proof in Hammer, and in-game.
How can I fix this? The textures are on func_button entities, by the way. Tried it on a func_brush but had no difference on the texture in-game.

Can you fix the download link?

Pardon me, must’ve had Gyazo in my early clipboard. Fixed.

In the vmt add $translucent 1
Also small questions like these can go in mega thread.

Pardon me for making an unnessecary thread, then. I’ll make sure to throw that in the megathread next time.
Anyway, it worked, so thank you profusely. One would think in VTFEdit checking “Translucent” in VMF creation it’d be translucent. Ah well.