Transportation Mod

Current Version: 1.0


This mod includes two new scripted tools that allow you to transport stuff using chainlifts or conveyors.
With this mod you can create various new contraptions, both the conveyors and chainlifts have wire support.


Context Menus

Transporting melons and packing them up into a crate.

Using a conveyor to propel a gear.

Video: Chainlift:[/media]

Video: Rollercoaster using chainlifts:


[li]Version 1.1
♢ Fixed hitting the conveyor limit when turning a prop into a conveyor.
♢ Fixed unfreezing of props when turning them into a conveyor.
♢ Fixed ‘weld’ did only weld the conveyors to the world and not to the tracing entity.
♢ Fixed ‘#gmod_conveyor’ message to ‘conveyor’ when killed by a conveyor.
♢ Updating conveyor properties is now done by right clicking on the conveyor and not by left clicking, this also fixed the problem that you weren’t able to spawn one conveyor on top of another one.
♢ Added ability to freeze conveyors.
♢ Added ability to toggle conveyors using your keypad.

[li]Version 1.0
♢ Initial Release.


Transportation Mod Version 1.1

Transportation Mod Version 1.0:

(Extract ‘Tansportation Mod’ folder to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps<username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons )

Additional Things.

[**Chainlift Manual/Tutorial written by BlackNecro**](

Simple chainlift video tutorial( 30.6 MB ) ( I’m working on a more advanced video tutorial. )

BrackNecro - Chainlift STool.
Maurits - Conveyor STool.

We both collaborated on this and we both deserve equal credit.


Nice job man! Lua King’d!


This looks so awesome, great work! I’m gonna try this out next time I play GMod. Oh yeah, Lua King’d!

Interesting mod indeed.


Small guide on how to get this working, please.

awesome downloading

Nice job.

Looks useful!

Is it like easy to use? Or do you need to be Genius in maths and have degree in engineering.

Now we can make even more realistic roller coasters!

I agree, I am definitely going to try this out.

Wow you managed it to release it? XDDD



I have pleasured myself to it!

Great mod but there are a few things that could be improved:

  • An arrow that shows which way the conveyor will move
  • Fix it so props do not unfreeze when turned into a custom conveyor

Anyone know how to use the chainlift? Still haven’t figured it.

Thanks for the replies.
Bug reports are also welcome, I’ll fix them as soon as possible.


Taken from first Post: Tutorial

Lol thanks, should read more thoroughly.

Read the “how to” but i’m still lost as to using the chainlift.

Can someone explain it simply?