Trapped, Alone and Defenseless

My first picture on Facepunch yet…
“One of the fair citizens of City 17 who have been brutally attacked by the combine and either beaten to death or left to rot. With low hope, he awaits for his death, or salvation…”
Wait. I didn’t use photoshop. Does this picture make it complete shit?

Because it’s your first pose, people probably won’t be real dicks to ya, but the light effect is pretty nice, The beams seem a wee bit solid, posing is great though :smiley:

Beams? Oh, the whiter ones or the darker ones? I made the darker ones to look like the rest of the light is a little weaker and goes in a less lighter form.
Also, since everyone uses photoshop, I should too.
Where can I find some good tutorials on how to make my poses look better?

We have lot of ingame edited pictures here.


I like it, next time just work on those light beams.

Better than your team rebel gif, but you haven’t actually posed anything. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just lazy.

You don’t need Photoshop to make a good picture. :wink:

Oh, lazy?
So if I would make something similar to this, what should I add?

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Thanks for the positive ratings, guys! I will make similar things like this later, and will use photoshop!
Cheers! :buddy:

You know, pose with the physgun, as this is clearly just one of the default citizen animations/sequences. The picture itself is very nice. Especially the shadows, even though the “beam” is a little messed up. But it’s a nice picture.

Pretty well made, I already saw it on ModDB though.

In his defence, trying to get a citizen into that pose is an exercise in complete frustration. Last time I tried, I was in the same pose on the floor, swaying back and forth and clutching my head to make the bad thoughts go away.

magical grey floating cube

This looks really nice, almost reminds me of Penumbra for some reason.

Umm… Because I made it?
It looked pretty good in moddb so I decided to post here.

I meant that it doesn’t have the same impact as seeing it he first time. I know it was you who made it on ModDB, you said you put this on Facepunch.