Trapped in a Blizzard

the snow tut is here:

I used a snow tutorial on gm_cliffhanger, I shef’ed it, added the snow, and I personally like it, except for my custom skin’s textures, I gotta go back and fix those. In the picture is my custom skin, Yoshi, a custom mech reskin, and a metroid(wtf)

Looks like you went into thw white room.

what white room?


Here is original:

looks like rain to me.
how is this dumb, can you take a criticism?

Its not very good to be honest, the background is too bright, the snow effect looks like rain, posing is ok I guess.

I can’t be blamed for the snow lookin’ like rain,because I followed that tut word for word, and the background, which is hard to tell, is supposed to be the said blizzard coming towards them.

first time i see this i think on the blizzard corp. O_o