Trapped in my base!

I woke up this morning to find someone had built a foundation and three walls outside the entrance to my base effectively trapping me in my base.

I don’t have explosive charges.

Is it possible to destroy wooden walls with just Hatchet?

Thanks in advance,


Nope lol gl

(User was banned for this post ("Shitpost" - Craptasket))

Yes it is, but it will take a really long time

How long are there any stats on this/proof it’s possible?

The wiki says it’s not possible I believe he is trolling you.

“They can be destroyed with 1-3 Explosive Charge . They can be destroyed by grenades, but it takes quite a lot of them.”

taken from wiki ^

As far as everyone else is aware no one has spent that long on picking away at those walls to find out if they are actually destroyable by tools

best of luck man either that or you try F1 and suicide near the wall and hope your pack clips threw just enough

Man that sucks I really don’t know what to do, anyone here on UK 2 want to lend a guy a C4 I can refund you the resources?

Open the console and type suicide

But then i won’t be able to get back in to my shack where all my stuff is. :frowning:

you can only destroy walls with c4, a hatchet will only damage the wall and not destroy it, next time place ramps outside or some shit x)

just wait for another raider …

Now you say shack? Do you have a shack or a house?

Next time, try to prevent this by placing a ramp in front of your door.

Might want to check if you server has the plugin that allows you to destroy parts of your own house?

Ramps can be destroyed, takes like 80+ hits with the pickaxe, so you have to really want to grief to do it. Go with the foundation and full pillars (9 pillars, 8 around the edge, 1 in the centre) around it next time.

You could taunt people on the server and say ‘my house is raid proof’ brag a lot and maybe someone will bite and blow a hole in the wall for you. ‘Come get me and my 32 c4!!’ etc

Not eminently… after you suicide you need to start to hunt black zombies and air drops to hope to get C4 or maybe some one wants to trade you one. So might be 10-20 hours work to get back in.

Synthe, it looks like you made a newbie mistake. You should probably just make a new house and transfer your items to that house (by putting a furnace in a wall).

If you really have a shack you can smash it down. but if you have a house… Well wait for a raid, or wait for a decay

If you have the spare wood and the large storage bock BP and he didn’t place a roof:

Build a barricade , build a storage bock , place them both , jump on them, jump over the walls. Do the same to get back in until the walls decay or you mvoe to somewhere else.

well i tried it once with the Uber Hatchet but after 10 min. nonstop hatching i was nearly going nuts, and it didnt took damage at all :confused: so i would say with a normal hatchet its not possible or would take you haours