Trapped under the mercy of an unforgiving Sun

^^listen to it yo^^

fuck vietnam, soviet afghan poses is where it’s AT

Blood looks a bit too bright.

luv u 4evs babe~

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shame about the chinstrap though

considering how easily that RPG sunk into the sand, the soldiers should be sunk in a little as well

eh, was more like it’s been there for a while.

Great pose, colors rock! Curios me,
don’t mind if we see the original and whats the map name?

gm_bajarama aaaaaaaaaaand

Thanks very much dude :D, even the original looks great.

Looks great and the music fits. Gruppa Kino is awesome.

updated the op with another pic host, showin love for the russians

The shadows for the RPG and the grenade itself look wonky.

It’s p. good otherwise.

That’s some damn nice lighting, mate.

I see Faron still can’t handle good artwork.

I don’t quite see how an RPG gets buried in the sand (unless that’s the grenade itself, not the launcher), but yeah, it’s nice.

gettin blasted by the muj

Beautiful phillip

Thanks guys :smiley:

Ahem, no offense, right?

nah man i meant all the recent poses

i love chinese people.

I see you love Chinese people

I’m a Vietnamese