So I’ve been trapped in this guys house, not going to name and shame or anything but he lured me in with the promise of helping me and basically trapped me. I’ve got a lot of good things on me so I can’t just log out and his base is impenetrable besides satchel charges, and I, nor my friend has any.

Is there anyway to get out of being trapped without giving in to this bastard and giving away all my things? He refuses to let me out.

No way unless you blast through it or he lets you out. Unless he has a wood door then you can knock it down with a hatchet.
I would drop your stuff on the ground so that it disappears and he can’t have anything then suicide.

Basically what fenr1r said.

Or, if you lack the patience, just suicide and save yourself the time.

This is why I say “never help anyone”

Always pretend to have nothing, simple rule, If u have stuff, store it well, If someone helps you make sure your stuff is stored, go into his house If he helps u and u get out u win something

if he traps u, suicide and u lose nothing

RUST, When you are new, Do not take risks if you have stuff! Always store it and then don’t give a care about dieing :wink:

This is… barely English.

I’m going to try re-writing it for my own sanity:

As a general rule: when possible, act as though you have nothing of value.
If you do end up with any items of value, store them, hide them, lock them up, don’t carry them around with you.

If somebody assists you, or offers to assist you, take it with a grain of salt. Ensure you’ve deposited everything of value somewhere safe before even considering following them.
Should the player assist you, awesome, you get whatever help he offered.
But if, far more likely, he traps or kills you, you have lost nothing but dignity and time.

While you are new to the game, before you’ve got the hang of it and before you have a base set up, don’t take risks with anything remotely valuable, even basic materials.
Store it safely before resuming your hunt for materials, such that dying has less of an impact.

There’s no way to get out without charges then, but you could begin planning your revenge and supply up and later come back for punishment time >:)

Yeh sorry for not being perfectly correct with grammar, but anyway it is completely understand and I see no point going into great detail with it, it’s 7am and i’m sure he can understand exactly what i said

  1. Store your stuff well
  2. If you are going out, only bring essentials
  3. Only follow people if you have nothing of importance as you will probably die

If worse comes to worse you can always smack them with a rock, I’ve actually forced an armed player to flee using a good rock :wink:

—just to make Not a Cobra feel better—

Ok guys I got out and I got my revenge.

To get out bribe them and seduce them was my tactic.

For revenge I got my satchel charges, brought some zombies and a bear and had him mauled and stole his things before blowing up a lot of his house.


You have us think he was a decent player

1st off if i was him and you were trying to bribe me with armour, materials, guns, ammo or what ever it means everything you are offering me is worth less than what you are carrying so I would just let you die because it was either that or you were trying to just get out and would never come back

Guy was an idiot

Obey him as a sex slave, until you finally have the right moment to escape from his grasps.