Trapping a Raider

Have you ever trapped a raider?

graphical glitch at 3:14?

the video is cut

I did it once where I left the door open for some guy to run in then shut it straight away. But if you die they can destroy your bed, I just killed him with a hatchet because he was a bad shot.

Funny video.

They destroyed your wall quick though.

Trapping raiders until they have to suicide out is pretty satisfying, even if they despawn your stuff; makes people waste a bunch of time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard I could of repaired the wall as they were damaging it with grenades. Also I could of took the guns/valuables with me into the porch when the explosions started. It’s easy to see with retrospect but it all happened so quick, I don’t regret any of it as I had a good time and it was a solid end.