Trapping Raiders

So i built a nice little tower base in the mountains looking over Rad town.

During the next day cycle i see a guy building a 3x3 base on the flat land between me and Rad town, so like any good neighbor i went down and introduced myself. He had to suddenly log off and asked me to make him ceilings and he gave me the planks and the code to his door so i could fit them. so i agreed.

He logged off and i went back to my base and crafted the ceilings for him.

While crafting i see two guys is Kev and leather snooping around the my neighbors base. they built a stair case outside and jumped in.

i quickly ran down to the base to kill the guys, when outside i realized i forgot my gun. SO…

I quickly ran up the stairs they built and trapped them in with the ceiling i had just crafted.

The poor guys started shouting, screaming and shooting trying to get out…


It was nice to get the Kev and M4 +200 ammo when they suicided

♫♫Like a good neighbor, Shackledfrog is there~♫♫

Thats a pretty hilarious story. Once i heard some C4 nearby and there was 3 guys trying to break into my friends house. I shot at them telling them to run away. They ran away surprisingly enough. Later i got blamed for trying to raid his house and he tried to raid my house. Sadly my house is extremely difficult to raid.

I built a shack opposite my home for exactly this (and to fool people into leaving my main base alone), worked pretty well i think! lol.

Great story. I love oddball grieving tactics. Once I got locked in a room the during a raid. It was funny. We had just ransacked the place but they were still spawning. I made the mistake of sidestepping into a room when one of them was right next to me and he shut the door. He started talking shit and mocking me. I quietly sat there gun pointed at the door, waiting. My buddy was still outside and was about to go home and get the other C4 we had, when the door flew open and two nakeds ran in the room bashing me with rocks. Guess who won in that game of rock, paper, M4

The paper?

If only you had this on video…