Traps, Containers and others.

Okay, it’s been a while. I’ve finally got myself together to host my own crap so it doesn’t keep dissapearing on people.

My stuff can be found here, as of today. This is where it will go and here it will stay. My newest offerings are just a few odds and sods I’ve been working on.

Energy Door :
A barrier people can walk/shoot through if they own it, even drive a car through it.

Containers :
Small and large, you can put stuff in them and they will be kept together whilst it is closed. They can be built into larger contraptions, particularly the big one.

Box trap :
Dumb shit, mostly just minge bait for people to laugh at.

Skateblade :
Latest version of it, tried something different, and I’m still not entirely happy with it, but what the hey.

Boltpad :
Panel you can stick an item to with the gravity gun and pull it off again as much as you like.

Most of these were just little projects to blow off steam, though I’m quite proud of the containers. I figure I could justify releasing them all together as part of the site launch. Download links, pictures and further instructions are on the site under the various pages.

Have fun, let me know what you think.

Looks usefull, i’ll download and test some of these SENT’s


Ok, i tested container and boltpad.
IMO boltpad works better than magnetise tool but container is little bugged. Anyway still useful.

Describe the bugs please?

I looked around on your site a bit…
may I conclude you might just start working on the blastfungus again? sounds like a good idea to me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways, I’ll try some more of your stuff, containers sound useful

Can’t shoot through the energy door in singleplayer D:<


Thanks for hosting these! I’ve been trying to download a non-infected version of your “shippy” sent forever!

Sounds nice but picks or no clicks

I might just work on the little fungi, yes. Though it’s on a big list of ‘shit to do when I have time and braincells’.

You can’t shoot through the door? Maybe I just had daydreams about that, but it can be fixed, d’oh! I uploaded all of these in a bunch and I admit to not playing with them all extensively to remind myself.

Glad you liked the shippy. There was no ‘infection’ as far as I’m aware. It got flagged on because someone was being a dumbass. Stuff got flagged on there all the time, I gave up downloading my own crap and scanning it with AVG to make sure.

Finally, there are freaking pictures! Check on the site. I missed out a couple of things because I couldn’t think of a way to make a picture at all exciting or useful.

These are great, good job.

When you put container upside down and try to open it’s broken