Traps, Explosions and a few fun ideas to give developers a laugh

Developers, thank you for everything that you do from the adding of cool features, fixing bugs, and rewriting Garry’s buggy ass code (we all have bosses that code… and they are all really bad at some things. Garry cannot possibly be exempts from that). Now, being a developer myself, the best part to me is often adding little details that can change the tide of a battle, or first impressions of a game. Here are some awesome ideas that, at the very least, should give some laughs to the dev team and could easily become some hilarious youtube videos.

These are the bread and butter for strategic planners. Used in base defense but especially in escape routes. I have a few ideas about how to add a few, some without having to create any new assets. You literally copy the asset in unity, add a new name and a few new behaviors. (okay not that simple, but pretty damn close).

Trap idea 1: Barrels
The concept is simple. Either the barrel (that looks like a loot barrel) is a trap, or you can modify an existing barrel to be a trap. Triggers could be “When hit” or “When close enough to hit”.

Types of trap barrels

  • Explosion does little damage, if any, and covers anyone nearby in highly visible paint. Adding partial blindness could make it truly worthwhile.
  • Individual is hit by shrapnel (doing no more than 50% of their life to prevent trolling)
  • Explosion renders individual deaf for 30 seconds

Trap Idea 2: Launchers
While not truly a realistic experience, having a spring like trap that launches an individual a certain distance and be subjected to fall damage could be used for some serious base defense especially near cliffs. They could be placed horizontally or vertically.

Trap Idea 3: Dead People posing as real
This might be a bit morbid, but imagine when you kill someone you can collect body parts. Get enough, you can make a trap person “sleeping” on the ground. If someone hits them, or tries to rob them boom. Good lord would this change all the ninja’s out there carelessly robbing the random guy asleep in the wild. It could be used in combination with base defense. Wall off an area, stick a corpse bomb there and walla, a well laid trap.

Michael Bay has proven that everything is better with explosions (Ref: Robot Chicken: Michael Bay Explosions). One of the things I’ve always wished for was a way to use existing loot areas as prime locations for traps. The trouble is you can’t lay any now. That’s annoying, but there are reasons for it programmatically and exploit prevention.

So, instead, how about making some existing assets explode-able… or yeah… make them go boom.

  • Make existing oil barrels explode when shot. Oil doesn’t fall to the ground in bags… make that something you have to put into an existing container and siphon. It makes oil more dangerous to go after
  • Make ammo/weapon crates explode, if hit by explosions. This makes existing traps even more useful. People could use the existing game areas to lay traps for farmers. It makes it possible for a lowly equipped individual to take on a fully geared and armed long term player bridging the gap between the two.

Lastly, I want the A-Team Van. I don’t care how many resources it takes to make, I want to be able to drive around in Rust with the theme song blaring as a target for every single rocket launcher on the map. Oh, and it should definitely explode when it’s armor hits 0. Michael Bay explosion.

Thanks all, hope you had a laugh, and if any of these get in game, you’re welcome.

I love this idea!!!