Traps For The Home

As I am always giving the most bizarre and interesting suggestions, I may as well speak my mind on the topic of traps as well. As things are, I believe they are a must in Rust (I guess I’m a poet and didn’t even know it!) With the main focus being PvP and raiding, there absolutely has to be ways to protect yourself both online as well as offline. This is a semi-comprehensive list of ideas I have come up with, feel free to add your own ideas as well as offer criticism, I welcome any (please try to be reasonable though.)

Rigged Shotgun
Quick and easy home defense for the poor man and the man with the tinfoil hat. With a crafting recipe of a shotgun, cloth (or rope, if it is ever implemented,) and wood for a stand, this device is hooked up to a door and goes off when the door is open, firing one shotgun round and doing identical damage as a shotgun. The idea behind this is right before you log out, you would go into your home, rig the shotgun, and log off. This would allow you to get off one shot on an intruder, which is one more than you would get without it while offline. Ideally, this should be placed behind a “fake” door, or there should be some sort of way to deactivate it so you don’t end up blowing your own head off.
Rigged SMG/M4
An alternative to the shotgun, built the same way, but with an smg or M4. The spread is horrendous and you will be lucky if a few rounds from the mag make their mark, but a short, sustained fire will certainly scare someone off or kill them if they are caught off guard.

Land Mine
Nothing says “Get off my lawn, ya punks!” better than a minefield. With these little guys, you can dismember and blow the limbs off of anyone coming too near to your property. With a crafting recipe of metal fragments (used for the chassis and shrapnel,) and explosives (or gunpowder, if explosives are removed from the game in a future update,) this little guy does moderate damage, as well as causing bleedout. Don’t step on your own mines though (idiot! :suicide:)

This little guy operates on the same principle as the landmine, but it’s built more for in-home security. With a crafting recipe of cloth (or rope, if it is ever implemented,) metal fragments, and gunpowder, this little guy is set off when you break the string contact. It is single use, but that’s more than enough to save your ass.

Electrified Fence
(This is assuming electricity will be coming to Rust, it has been rumored, and this operates on the assumption that it will come to fruition.)
When you absolutely have to keep everybody away from your house, no lonely, naked recluse can do without an electrified fence. Built from wood and metal fragments, the electrified fence will be set up similar to a barricade; in segments, and must make contact with a generator to become electrified. (On the opposite side of the spectrum, you could wait until the power runs out, assuming it does, climb the fence and sustain some pretty significant damage, or there could be an addition of wire cutters, to snip those little bastards and get inside.)

Alarm System
Exactly as it sounds. Garry mentioned (with the addition of the sleepers) that there might be some sort of app developed that lets you know when you are being broken into (or something similar, I don’t know where to find the reference right now.) I would like to take it to the next level. Again assuming electricity, you could craft a simple alarm system that you set before you log out. It would take metal (and a whole lot of it, for wires and bells,) and when set off would in game sound a loud alarm, and in real life send you a push notification or text message alerting you that your house has been broken into. Something like this could really increase survivability, assuming you are not extremely busy when the time comes.

While this is a very short list currently, I hope to expand it as I think about it more. Post your thoughts and ideas as well! :smile:

good list, except door traps are useless since they are all locked anyway. If the can be unlocked eventually, I like the idea.

Point taken, though I was imagining that instead of c4 completely destroying a door, it blows the lock off, maybe in the future it will be that way. Chances are, though, more low-tech means of door opening will be implemented (such as lock-picking.)

i really like those ideas

True, but these posts were already here some time ago, so try to look before posting :smile:

We need things like wooden spikes, makeshift mines, buckets of metal that when players knock over create a lot of noise (alarm), boards so you can secure doors more when you leave the server. Things that work within the feel of the game.

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I do like this much more than your last list though

I also think camouflage will compliment this very well as you will need to try and secrete your traps from invaders. We also forgot the traditional bear trap.

I would also like a trap that suspends a player in the air by their feet and they can still shoot… However they have a choice. Attempt to shoot the defender as they’re swaying side to side on a bit of rope. or aim for the rope itself and take minor fall damage and be stunned for 1-3 seconds. Obviously you could only shoot with a pistol.

Also not just traps for humans.

Snares for rabbits/chickens and dear and obviously Bear traps for those larger predators.

Signs … wood signs to put near your house (could last one day without repairing them to avoid signs spam!) yo put some messages and warn people.

While this isn’t a trap, I agree, this would be a cool sight to see in rust.

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Bear traps I like, but the other idea seems a bit over the top.

Traps would be amazing.

I like the Electric Fence idea! Might add that to the list.

Thanks, interestingly I thought that one was the most over-the-top of my ideas, so it’s a great thing that at least someone agrees with it :smile: I just think it would be great to see new ways of home defense that would be applicable to a survival situation, and I figured an electric fence is a great way of saying “keep out”

What do you think about my suggestions

Well for wooden spikes, there would have to be some way to set them off. Mines was one of my ideas already, and buckets of metal seems a bit more practical assuming electricity doesn’t make it into the game. I don’t think there needs to be boards for doors since this would mean you would have to destroy them to get out of your own house. Maybe you can add metal to existing doors to reinforce them.

The spikes deal damage when you step on them, you just need to make sure you know where they are. Boards are easily taken off by you but have to be destroyed by other players. It would be cool barricading your house before logging off.

Great list. Don’t forget my idea of having a storage box rigged with C4 :slight_smile:

Yeah I remember, I was actually going to put that, but I didn’t want to take credit for someone else’s work. I think this is a great idea, you could craft it using a storage box, cloth (or rope if and when it is implemented) used as a “trigger” and a block of c4. You would have to remember where the decoy is though, so you don’t blow yourself up.

If a shovel was integrated, you could dig shallow mini-holes and place the spikes in those, and then maybe you could craft grass coverings to place over it.

Digging has been passed around on the forum, I would be completely for it, but that is up to the devs. If so, I think that would work great: a simple pitfall trap.

Heh, would be pretty cool. I imagine the attacker if he survived, would be able to take the gun from the trap. I definitely hope we could use some of the makeshift weapons for this kinda stuff. Would be perfect for things like the pipe shotgun since they only have 1 shell capacity.