Traps / Home-made defenses

I’d love to see a trap crafting tree in this game. Since you’re able to create settlements, you should also be able to establish a home defense system to protect / fend-off bandits from your camp. This would give players that don’t have their friends on or are playing alone have a surviving edge towards a group of zombies / players.

These are merely my ideas and opinions that would make this game click for me

Traps could be super useful.

Would probably see them much later in development though.

I would definitely enjoy seeing people stumble upon user-generated trap system that would trigger simultaneously:dance: . It’d be a hit on youtube for sure haha

I think land mines could be used and won’t affect much on the game changing how it feels.

Given that option to create explosive traps, the items required for making these should be harder to attain. I’m feeling more DIY traps at the moment, like nail bombs, sound traps, bear traps, etc. Although I am a big fan of landmines :v:

Just a weapon to craft like anything else – shouldn’t affect the core game ethics. Also, BEAR TRAPS!

I see another supporter of Bear Traps! ;D. Yeah it shouldn’t affect the game negatively, but I can see a big problem if explosive traps were easy to acquire. You’d probably see so much crap exploding that it’s going to be Minecraft TNT lag 2.0

Bear traps can just cause you to bleed out or walk slower or both

Also the traps shouldn’t be OP their should be counters like fire resistant armour or armour that protects from explosions and such

Both for sure and additionally gimp your ability to move for a couple of seconds or until you’re able to successfully remove the trap off your leg. This mechanic should make gameplay more interesting.

I would love to see a trap aspect much like Metro: 2033/Last Light. Having tripwires and broken glass to be alarms, setting a bullet in front of a cocking mechanism, killing anybody to trip the detecting system, etc. Bear traps would be nice, but we need to think outside the box.:v:

I’m a huge advocate of that whole survival deal (i.e. Metro, DayZ, The Last of Us, etc.). The Bear Trap thing is just one of the basic ones since it’s pretty popular haha. Your ideas seem to go a lot more in-depth and would certainly give this trap tree some really sick variations. Oh! Also, playing on the trip-wire method, how about making skewers from the chopped up wood you get and attaching them to a plane to impale people? :slight_smile: Floar yer boat, homie?

If you build upwards you can already make holes that players can fall and subsequently be trapped forever in.

Perhaps there should be spikes that can be layed on foundations that hurt you if you fall on it? It’d certainly be neat to be able to make pits of death.

Wouldn’t that be Indiana Jones: Rust XD

I don’t think we need some Mayan feeling or some shit

These would make the game certainly more interesting.

Hey guys I justed watched psi’s vid about rust and I was wondering how to get the game?

can some one tell me please, Thx

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Well this is another possibility, since player generated bases are the basis of this game as well. You could build a maze or bait people into your death hole, then loot up the prize later :slight_smile: Quite devious, but smart!

quality june 13’ post.

It’s currently in closed alpha testing which you can’t get into without a key, currently keys aren’t being handed out as far as i’m aware.

I’m new here, but I did to my research and you can only acquire the game by helping around the forums and buying a gold member pass thing haha. (Sorry noob status kicking in)

ok then thx for all the help guys cant wait till it comes out