In my past few days of playing rust my bases seem to be getting raided more often on servers no matter how far out I put them, I’m not suggesting that c4 should be nerfed in any way. But I would like to see the addition of player made traps. Currently all you can really do is make a metal or wood base and protect it with some spikes. Keeping in theme of this game being cave man like, you could add traps such as a simple trap door in a convincing looking room so that when your raiders enter they are drooped onto spikes below. Nothing hi-tech or military like, just simple traps to help players better protect their base if they have the time and creativity. For example I build most of my houses close to the sea, so it’d be great if there was some way of having something like a tripwire activated bolder to knock them into the ocean. Anyway these were just some ideas I had wondering what other peoples trap ideas would be…

I agree with you 100%, traps should be added and most likely will be added. At least, I hope.

I would love to have traps, but I would prefer to have the tools to build them rather than prebuilt ones. If possible I would prefer stuff like trip wires, pivoting and rotating parts, and physics. That way players can be creative in making traps rather than being forced to use a premade pitfall.

Perhaps if electricity is implemented things such as lasers, electrical wires, and more advanced things to create traps could come from airdrops.

Yea, on the electricity side of things, I feel like that could work to an extent, e.g. a simple stirling engine that runs off of wood or charcoal and you can use to power a light instead of lighting fires, but my fear is that if they implement electricity that the players will keep pushing them to develop it further and we will end up with bases that have auto turrets to gun you down when you enter. That’s the day that I stop playing rust.

Hahahaha, you said traps ;’)

But yeah, traps would be great. I would love the idea in using charges (even f1 grenades) triggered by trip wires and that kind of stuff. Maybe add hidden compartments in the floors etc. I would love that… However, any “use” option should be removed since it would be a dead give away to any other player.

Obviously there’d be a grey area, should you yourself be able to pass traps without doing something in particular or not etc. could you destroy your own crates using a tripwire when you would be raided? (Personally I would love that since you could deny any assets to the enemy)

I agree, if they implement electricity I think the most you should be able to get is lighting and simple on/off computing for traps. I would like the ability to craft a few different generators/batteries (different size/efficiency) and possibly have a non-craftable solar panel that is a rare drop from airdrops.

Two of the biggest problems with rust bases being raided

1 Admin spawning items c4

2 duping is way to easy and still not patched out

C4 + Laserscope should make a trip mine.

I really don’t think traps are gonna help much.

The main problem is in a risk vs reward analysis there is virtually no risk for raiders, regardless of traps, while the reward could be huge. The worst case scenario? They spend C4 breaking into a house which is empty.

See the thing is, even if they die what is the penalty? They have to respawn and come back? Unless your base is a significant distance from his sleeping bag then that is completely negligible. If anything maybe you will see raiders start putting up a temporary shack and put their sleeping bag in there while raiding a house once traps are introduced, so if they die they just respawn 10 feet away. You have zero consequences of dying in this game. Ok yes there is one consequence of potentially losing your gear but have you ever seen a decked out raider? They are all naked and carrying minimal stuff so they can fit more of YOUR loot. Plus chances are no one is around to loot them, they just come back and loot themselves and continue prodding your base for weaknesses.

my version of traps would be land ones, like elephant traps, bear traps, etc…
the tall grass don’t let you spot a han or a rabbit, so i guess would be effective( obviously you couldn’t remove the tall grass), and dying would be a problem, since i have a really hard time to see my backpack with the tall grass when i die.

you could just scater the traps aroud you house and wait for the raiders to step on them, ( i don’t think you should be immune to them though), and yes, the respawning issue would still be up, but this traps+ in door traps+ your weapons= TONS of damage, they would die often

i managed to make some kind of a trap, can’t be made on the first floor though.

Just make a decoy room with some of boxes, or make it look interesting, make sure they can’t destroy the wall from the outside, else this wont work (they can escape right away). they have to enter that room from the roof, so no ceiling.

if that’s done, then place a ramp under that room and put some spikes on that ramp, spikes will go through but wont be visible in the room above, yet, you will recieve damage. Tried it a few times and works perfectly.

I’m thinking of making a video turotial about this sometime.

I have seen This before (maybe it WAS ur video) but I believe that instead of adding in traps we should invent stuff like the one above with the spike wall and ramp! WE NEED TO BE MORE CREATIVE

no i haven’t made a video about it yet, and couldn’t find it on youtube either. i gave it a try after i (mis)placed a spike next to my house and kept on dying over and over again in the same corner, eventually i thought of the spike. later i tried to make something like a trap door with spikes on the bottom but that was too obvious for some reason xD. Later i remembered that spikes weren’t visable through walls/ceilings and decided to mess around with ramps to increase the spikes height.

I have found a video and I will find it again to show you this idea has been made! :smiley:

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