TrapsMod - Tripwire model concept needs exporting help

So I have been working on a project for a month now in concept of a new
addon for Garry’s Mod, specifically for the DarkRP servers (Most notable Purging ones).

The name of it is TrapsMod, it’s an addon designed to provide traps for players to secure their

Here’s an example of what I originally wanted:

HL2 Map - Trap Mod Demo

I’ll let you take a minute or two to rewatch over and over if you found it funny.

But yeah, I have a 3D concept model (personally I think it looks like shit and needs improvement)
and I would like to have it exported so I can have it ready to be turned into an entity for the addon.

I have found several tutorials online, but sadly the version I have (3DS Max 2016 - Student License)
renders most of the tutorials useless, as well as the SMD plugins.

Here’s what the current Concept looks like (Again, shit…):

It’s based on a real working version of the original design:

I already have a server’s owner wanting to see this get done and have it added to it so it can be field tested,
but sadly I am inexperienced and was wondering if I could get some help on the 3D model, then work on the LUA
scripting, then get an alpha tested, finalize with a beta and then release it on both Workshop and to the server.
(Check out Chopper Gaming’s DarkRP server btw, awesome place to be!)

That’s about it, anybody who is able to assist me on this will be credited and HIGHLY appreciated!