Traveling through time

In the time traveling phone booth :frogc00l:

I had to rush the posing on the dinosaurs but I guess they turned out okay.
C&C,Feel free to edit this if you want.

The low quality grass kind of ruins it.

i miss those dinosaurs ragdolls…

Haha. I quite like it.

Super DoF and color editing would be good.

Yeah. Good point there. Some DoF would help cover up the grass and give the picture some more depth, instead of all the green blurring together.

This is pretty unique, I like it.

Reminds me of bill and ted’s totally bogus adventure.

Awesome, a pose that isn’t a guy standing pointing a gun off screen for once.

If you’re so worried about it, post some of your own hella original ideas more often.

When did i state i was worried?

I was jokeing, no need to get all defencive.

Yes i know my spelling is bad, thanks for reminding me i almost forgot.