Travelling, swallowing Dramamine. Feeling spaced, breathing out listerine.


I wish at least a fraction of the shit posted here would be as good.

Doesn’t make much sense to me, but I find this damn artistic for some reason.

The perspective on the mechanical arm is fucked up.

I wow’d.

I’ve seen you do way better. It just looks weird

I’m confused but in awe.

Desert stock photo is incredibly poor quality and the effect around the city just looks like a re-perspectived hexagon texture.

There’s a lot of complications that come into play when you have limited stock photos in the exact angle you want it, and while I know that’s not an excuse It’s still hard to get it right, you’re correct about this.

The dome, I intended to be simple- it’s a dome of hexagon texture. Exactly what it is.

That’s one tiny city.

It’s far away.

95% photoshop

5% garrysmod

Nice idea. Not much Gmod goin on here though… not that I’m one to talk.

The editing is okay, lots of errors but the picture is nice enough.


I have no idea how this stands in comparison to the rest of your work, OP, but I love it.



it isn’t really fucked up, I literally placed it together from random images of mechanical cogs etc

I like the sand dunes.

Am I allowed to use this as my wallpaper? Just want to get your OK.