Traversing Through A Empty Space Station(Dead Space)

Props used:
L4D 2 and Dystopia

I’m sorry, the image is actually really really good. But the pose of the dead body just struck my funny bone.


Really well done, mate. Not too many people can make a scenebuild for Dead Space that’s not just ‘HURR DURR SPAEC AND ALIEN GORE’.

Thanks, I believe Doc’s pic on here got a bit more attention though lol.

woooow good work it’s awesome

Its brill mate, but its the saturation that ruin it for me, its too colorful for my taste.

I like it, but you should turn the filter and his wrist looks kinda wierd, other then that it’s really good!

I have to say , the scene build is great , i barely recognized the dystopia structures

Lovely scenebuild, and the atmosphere is great too!