Treasure Hunting for Sandbox

Well I’m setting up a pirate themed sandbox style server and I thought it might be cool to add the ability to gather treasure either just to store in a room somewhere or keep on your boat.

So the request would be to have an addon that will spawn treasure chests randomly around maps every half an hour.
Then players can grab them with physics gun and take them to thier hoard or eat them like a bouncyball to add to a loot counter that could store across play sessions.

Basically this should allow players to have some fun by creating game modes to steal treasure off on another and reward players who play for long periods with the opportunity to show how much loot they have stolen.

Well thats my rough idea. Take and use how you wish.

PM me if anyone is interested in creating stuff that is pirate themed for Gmod servers.
I’ve got no LUA skills myself but can 3d model quite well.

(hats, sweps, props, addons.)