Tree climbing!

Wouldn’t it be cool I’m u are walking down the road farming barrels and all of a sudden u hear a noise, u stop and just as u go to look up a group of guys ambushes you from the trees. Don’t you think it would add a whole new dynamic if you could climb trees or even place ladders on them?

“treed newman”

I like it, and it should not be too hard to add (but then I know hardly anything about coding)
Just give the tree a (slow) ladder property

Can’t imagine it being 2 hard but then I don’t know how 2 code either. I just think it would help open up more game dynamics, I’m a bored rust player im just trying 2 think of things that would give the game some balance and bring the bored players back.

I think it would be reasonable hard to code (and I do know how to code).

The problem is that the character model has animations for moving on the ground, and climbing simple vertical ladders. You don’t climb a tree like you climb a ladder, but more importantly, once you are above the trunk and into the branches, the necessary animations would become incredibly complex.

Otherwise, it would look totally like shit, with players looking like they were either floating in the air, or morphed into some kind of Philadelphia Experiment Dendro-sapiens.

Could this not be countered by having it so u can only climb them with the use of a ladder and have it so u can only perch on certain positions or be able 2 place a ceiling square in the canopy and use that as s tree top platform. As I said I’m just trying 2 think of more options for the game(stealth)

I agree that climbing trees would be very cool, but I was just saying maybe its not all that easy to do.

I’m all for more stealthy options.

What about the ability to go prone?

Hell yeah i’d love to see tree climbing!!!

only problem is that all the people who make bad bases would then complain about someone offline raiding them because they didn’t build ceilings… again.

I have never thought about tree inning before but now you mention it it would be kind of fun. Although yes I’d like this to be worked on after they’ve given us the ability to go prone as I suspect tree climbing would take a fair bit more work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that sounds right as going prone really should be in the game by now, snipers lying in wait will make the game that bit more challenging.

So no one would ever again build a house in the forest?