Tree texture

Hey! I of course know It’s alpha and alot of the graphics are getting updated regularly. But I really think we need a better texture for the trees, as they look like yeah… shit. As I said It’s alpha I understand that but, I see alot of graphics that’s getting updated that doesnt really need a remake as of right now, such as the furnace… It’s already pretty good, and they are not as common as trees… I really like how the trees look (the shape of them) I just hate the low quality texture of It. It makes me not wanna harvest for wood… I really hope this goes on the trello soon. Sorry for the rant.

Albeit the wording makes him look like a moron, he does have a point. The furnace’s model looks great, I don’t know why they would update it over something like a tree.

You so mean ;( English Isnt my first language sorry!