Trees - boulders

You know how when you hit trees you get 1 wood everytime, then there will be no wood left for a certain amount of time? i think stones should be the same way but with all the rocks! let me know what you think!

either they need to do this, or fix the generation of rocks. Some areas are completely devoid of spawned resources (animals, rocks, wood piles)

I dont think it sould be like that, I personnally think that the tree should be cutted off when you gather all the wood from it, same thing for the rock (already like that) Because the players could camp near a rock to wait to gather ressource again.

You could also build your house with a bit of rock in it, and just hit it from the safety of your home.

I think this could be a good fix until the finish adding the other rocks in. Not a permanent thing though.

What are your thoughts on allowing resource items (lumber/rock/animals) to spawn anywhere on the map equally?