Tree's Brand New Rust Server | PvP | No Sleepers | Insta-Craft | Mass Air Drops | Always Day | Friendly Admins | Soon to be mods

Hello everyone, introducing my brand new Rust server. There is no mods such as Oxide yet, but there will be very soon.

Current Features:
-No Sleepers
-Door Sharing
-Always Day
-Instant Craft
-Friendly admins
-Mass Air Drops

Features in the near future:
-Economy system
-Starting kits
-New commands
-Looting Mod
-Much more suggested features

-No hacking/cheating
-No disrespecting other players
-Have fun!


Please have as much fun as you can on my brand new 24/7 Rust server and please bear with me as I try to get more features loaded into my server


Hey it seems I was banned from your server… I don’t know why. Do people get banned even though they follow the rules and don’t hack? Because I’m not a hacker. Let me know what I can do to get back on.


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never mind wrong server